I'm Johnathan Fisher, and this is where I dump any games that I make.
Web games are the focus here, using the latest and greatest technologies. I love action, stealth, adventure games, and of course virtual worlds, especially when they feature co-op, so expect to see a few of those lying around. I'm not a big fan of RNG in games, especially competitive ones, and hate senseless grinding as a progression mechanism.
I believe in providing short playing experiences that leave an impact and that value players, with intuitive gameplay and an overall great user experience.



Fetch your staffs and spell books, for there is wizardry to be done.
Realm of the Mad God meets Magicka in this browser based psudo-MMO, focused on real-time magical action combat.
Work with and against other wizards in a battle of wits and wands, using spells from 7 distinct elements, each with their own unique playstyle, counter-elements and tactics to learn and master.
Play instantly across desktop, tablet, smartphone, or even current gen games consoles.

  Other games

Finished and WIP games. Most run using HTML5 and should work on desktop and mobile, unless otherwise stated.
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