I'm Johnathan Fisher, and this is where I dump any games that I make.
Web games are the focus here, using the latest and greatest technologies. I love action, stealth, adventure games, and of course virtual worlds, especially when they feature co-op, so expect to see a few of those lying around. I'm not a big fan of RNG in games, especially competitive ones, and hate senseless grinding as a progression mechanism.
I believe in providing short playing experiences that leave an impact and that value players, with intuitive gameplay and an overall great user experience.



Enter a huge open world of monsters and exploration in this ambitious retro style roguelike browser MMORPG.
Shady bandit hideouts, ancient pyramid crypts, dark castle lairs of vampires, and more, await curious adventurers.
These dungeons hide many dangers, but also great rewards for the brave and skilled.
But beware! There are only two ways out, victory, or death…
Make friends and bring them along with you to clear dungeons as a party to improve your odds of survival, and train your stats and craft better weapons, armour and potions to survive out in the savage lands.
Fight as a warrior, ranger or mage, or any combination, there are no fixed classes!

  Other games

Finished and WIP games. Most run using HTML5 and should work on desktop and mobile, unless otherwise stated.
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